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Are you looking for the best sewer line root removal in Connecticut? You have come to the right place. At All Things Sewer and Drain Care, our team members are experts at clearing roots from sewer lines, helping to resume the proper functioning of your drain and sewer system. We offer both residential and commercial services, so no matter where you need professional root removal service – be it in your home or at your commercial business – we are here to help.

Depending on the extent of root growth, tree roots in your drain pipes or main sewer line can wreak havoc on your sewer system and property. From blockages, slow drains, permanent damage to your pipes and sinkholes in your yard, there are many risks to not addressing the issue of roots in your sewer line pipes. When you start to notice symptoms, your best bet is to contact a reliable root removal service provider near you. In Connecticut, that would be All Things Sewer and Drain Care. We take pride in our advanced expertise in removing tree roots safely and effectively, allowing you to resume your regular home and business operations seamlessly.

Our Sewer & Drain Tree Root Removal Process

Inspection and Diagnosis

The first step of our tree root removal process is completing a thorough and comprehensive inspection of your sewer line and drain pipes to fully assess and professionally diagnose your issue. Using advanced camera line inspection, we insert a small, specialized camera into your pipes to take a close look at your drain issue to assess the extent of your root growth problem. This will help our team to determine the most appropriate course of action to get your issue resolved.

Accessing the Sewer Line

Once our initial inspection is complete and we have diagnosed your drain issue, the next step of our root removal service is to determine how our team will access your sewer line to carry out our work. Generally, this looks like identifying cleanout points, which are the most convenient access points for our team members to use to avoid unnecessary disruption to your property.

Hydro Jetting

As the final step of our comprehensive root removal service, our team will perform a final inspection of your drain pipe or sewer line to ensure all roots, blockages and debris have been successfully eliminated from the drain system to finish off the job. We use our camera inspection service to complete our check and ensure that your pipes are ready to resume their regular flow.

Signs of Tree Roots Growing in Sewer Line

Slow Drains

A clear sign of root invasion in your home or business’s pipes or sewer lines is slow drains. When tree roots grow in your sewer or drain system, they create a blockage for water passing through, and will cause your pipes to drain slower than they should.

Gurgling Sounds from Plumbing Fixtures

Tree root intrusion in your pipes and sewer line produce blockages and pockets. When you wash your hands, run a shower or flush your toilet, water attempting to pass through these roots can create gurgling sounds, which is a tell tale sign that you may need drain root removal.

Frequent Clogs

Clogs form in perfectly clear, empty drain pipes and sewers; now imagine how easy it would be for clogs and debris to accumulate in a pipe full of tree roots. Roots in a sewer line can cause your home or business’s drains to clog more frequently. Trust in a specialist to inspect your drain system.

Changes in Lawn or Garden Appearance

Changes in your yard can indicate that roots have started growing in your pipes. One sign are sinkholes, which can form as water leaks from infiltrated drain lines. Another sign can be a patch of exceptionally green, lush grass, or a plant that grows faster than others, suggesting it has found a rich water source

Unpleasant Odors

When tree roots grow in your drain line and sewer, debris can accumulate faster than normal. As debris and back up sits in your pipes, this can lead to foul smells that will in turn waft back up through your drains and into your home or business.

Why Choose All Things Sewer & Drain for Sewer Line Tree Root Removal Service in Connecticut?

At All Things Sewer and Drain Care, we are proud to provide the best tree root removal services for drains and sewers available in the state of Connecticut. We offer services for both residential and commercial properties, so your day-to-day operations at home or your business can resume to normal. Clearing roots from drains is essential for ensuring proper waterflow and for maintaining the condition of your pipes and sewer lines. Trust in a professional to get the job done right.

When you trust in our team, you’re trusting in over 18 years of hands-on experience. There is no job we haven’t seen before! We arrive swiftly on the scene to diagnose your problem and find the most appropriate solutions. If you start to notice symptoms that suggest pesky tree roots are growing in your sewer pipes, contact All Things Sewer and Drain Care for the most reliable sewer line root removal near you!
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