Drain Pipe Descaling & Resurfacing Services in Connecticut

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Drain Pipe Descaling & Resurfacing Services in Connecticut

Sewer and drain issues? Sewer backups? We’ve got you covered!

Why Do You Need Pipe Descaling?

Scale is a substance made up of mineral deposits from your water, grease that hardens, etc. It typically builds up on the inside of your pipes. Over time, there’s a good chance your sewer or drain pipes may have scale, metal, and debris buildup clogging your sewer lines and causing damages to the pipe. For older houses, descaling is critical to help stop blockages and save homeowners from replacing the entire line, since a complete sewer line replacement is too costly and may not be necessary.

At All Things Sewer and Drain Care, we offer superior pipe descaling services to avoid a costly replacement.

Sometimes hydro jetting alone cannot clean pipes because of scale buildup or deteriorating  drain pipes. In this case, you should consider descaling, which entails the use of water pressure or chemical cleaners to remove debris, scale, etc. from sewer and drain pipes.

It will help restore the normal flow of water throughout your residential and commercial property, avoid future clogs, and extends the life of your existing pipes, saving you lots of money. If your home or business requires drain or sewer line descaling, don’t hesitate, call us!

How Does Drain Pipe Work Properly?

If scales build up on the inside of your sewers or drain pipes, they’ll end up blocking the flow of water and waste through your pipes. The presence of scales in your commercial & residential sewer and drain pipes will cause very costly damages. Since you need your sewer or drain to property function to get the flow of water and waste, it is time that you call for professional drain or sewer pipe resurfacing and descaling services. Depending on the nature and configuration of the pipes, the ways of pipe descaling may vary.

In some cases, technicians utilize a hose to insert into the problematic drain & sewer pipe and blast away the scales directly.
Another common way to do pipe descaling services is hydro jetting, and it could remove the scales without damaging your pipes.

If hydro jetting cannot work, don’t worry, we will still figure out a way to help you get rid of scales after a detailed inspection.

After the scale removal, we will ensure cleaning them to avoid any other blockage. If you believe that it is time to require professional pipe descaling, don’t delay, and give us a call!

Why Choose Us?

Since 2005 we have been proudly helping the people of the Connecticut community with all of their storm drain needs. Whether you require drain or sewer line services at your residential, commercial, or industrial property in Connecticut, we will be there as soon as you need us.

At All Things Sewer and Drain Care, we use the latest state-of-the-art hydro-jetting and video camera inspection techniques to get to the bottom of what’s disrupting your drain lines. Our descaling service is designed to ensure maximum efficacy for minimal cost. We understand that dealing with these issues is complex, and our experts will work with you closely to ensure complete satisfaction with your choice of service.

We’ll make every effort to descale sewer or drain pipes appropriately to minimize damages as much as possible, and to avoid any potential issues to protect your property.

No job is too complex for us to handle. You can 100% rely on us!



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