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Welcome to All Things Sewer and Drain Care, where we have been proudly serving our local community in the beautiful state of Connecticut with superior drain pipe milling services for over 18 years. Milling machines are a type of specialized equipment used in drain and sewer cleaning to mechanically clean and remove blockages and build-up from the interior walls of your sewer pipes, leaving behind a clean and smooth surface that allows for proper water flow and operation. The machine is compact and maneuverable, designed to access tight spaces. There is a rotating cutting head or milling head equipped with cutting tools such as blades or teeth, which work to effectively break up and remove obstructions such as tree roots, scale, or even small deposits of hardened concrete.

When you start to notice signs of drain line clogs in your home or commercial property such as slow draining sinks, foul odors or gurgling noises, enlisting the help of a professional drain cleaning company is essential. Left untreated, blockages can accumulate and worsen, potentially causing greater pipe damage down the line. At All Things Sewer and Drain Care, we specialize in professional drain cleaning services, including the use of milling machines, and you can always trust us to find the most reliable solution for whatever drain issue you might encounter. Contact us today to learn more about our sewer line milling services in Connecticut!

Our Process: Professional Drain Cleaning with Milling Machines

Inspection and Preparation:

Our sewer milling service begins with a thorough inspection of your property's drain pipe using specialized drain pipe camera inspection. A small camera is inserted into the pipe to allow our team to identify the condition of your drains, assessing the visible obstructions, build-up or potential damage to the interior walls of the drain or sewer system. We begin by removing any loose debris or material with high-pressure water jetting tools for a cleaner slate before moving on to the use of a milling machine. At all points throughout the process, our team will be available to help by answering any questions or concerns that you might have.

Milling Process:

After our team has performed a comprehensive analysis of your drain pipes and better understands what they're dealing with, they will be able to properly determine the appropriate milling machine and tools needed to tackle the job. The tools used depend on several factors including the size of your pipes as well as their material. Finally, the milling machine is inserted into the drain pipe and used to thoroughly remove build-up and debris of the interior surface of the pipe, gradually working its way through the entire pipe. As a team of professionals, we take great care to ensure equipment is used correctly and the work is done properly, avoiding damage to the pipes.

Inspection and Finishing:

Once the milling process is complete, our team will perform a final inspection of your property's drain pipe to verify that the obstructions and build-up have been successfully removed and that the interior walls of your pipe are smooth. This is completed once again with the use of professional sewer line cameras. If necessary, our team will perform additional milling or cleaning to address any persistent blockages or debris. Our team will provide any necessary recommendations for the ongoing maintenance of your pipes, or, if necessary, potential repair options.

Drain Problems That Our Milling Services for Drains and Sewer Pipes Can Solve

Grease Removal

From commercial kitchen spaces to your ordinary household kitchen, fats, oils and grease can accumulate on the interior walls of your drains and sewer pipes. Over time, this build-up can create tough blockages that obstruct water flow and can cause potential damage to your business or home's pipes. Drain pipe milling is an effective cleaning method to break down and remove grease deposits and blockages, working by mechanically scraping away fats and oils to restore proper flow and preventing future clogs and blockages.

Soft Blockage Clearance

Sewer pipe milling is a particularly effective method for breaking down and clearly soft blockages in drain pipes, including blockages created by organic matter, sediment and other debris that have obstructed the pipe. The cutting head of the milling machine is inserted into the drain and works to dislodge and remove the soft blockage, allowing water to flow unobstructed.

Scale Elimination

Over time, the accumulation of water mineral deposits on the interior surface of your drain and sewer pipes can cause scaling. Left untreated, scale growth can hinder your system's water flow while also gradually reducing the diameter of your pipes. Drain pipe milling thoroughly removes scale build-up with its mechanical cutting action, cutting and scraping away these mineral deposits to restore the pipe's original diameter and flow capacity.

Sludge Extraction

Sludge, comprised of organic and inorganic matter, is one of the last things you want to accumulate in your home's drain pipes. A build-up of sludge can reduce the efficiency of your drainage system, as well as cause unpleasant odors inside of your home due to stagnant wastewater and more. Milling machines are a favored solution for sludge blockage, working by mechanically breaking down and removing sludge deposits to restore proper drainage.

Tree Root Intrusion Removal

The infiltration of tree roots within drain pipes is a common problem for homeowners. Tree roots can break through joints or cracks present on your pipes, and when they continue to grow, they can cause significant blockages and potential damage to your pipe. Drain pipe milling is an effective way to cut through and remove intrusive tree roots from your drains and sewer line, preventing further growth and restoring water flow.

Why Choose Our Sewer Pipe Milling Services in Connecticut?

If you are looking for the best drain pipe milling service in Connecticut, our team is perfect for the job. At All Things Sewer and Drain Care, our professionals use industry leading tools and equipment alongside tried and true techniques to ensure we provide you with the highest quality service available. Our sewer pipe milling services are designed to thoroughly clear your drain pipes and sewer drains from blockages, clogs and build-up, restoring optimal water flow and allowing your drain system to perform at its fullest potential. For the most honest and reliable drain cleaning and sewer milling services in the state of Connecticut, contact us today to learn more!

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