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Schedule a Service Call On-Line Click HereAt All Things Sewer and Drain Care, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality care to our commercial and residential customers. We offer true one stop shopping for all of your sewer and drain care needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the smallest job to the largest job we can take care of your needs.

Many of our customers refer us to other businesses and homeowners, as well as use our services again when new problems occur, because of the excellent service we have provided to them. We pride ourselves on being a customer centric business where we focus on the wants and needs of our customers.

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Please Read Our Reviews Or, Leave A Review On Yelp.

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  1. Mary Anna Martell says:

    We have used Paul’s services three times over the last few years. He has been incredibly professional and helpful each time. The most recent call he even came out in the middle of a snowstorm, fitting us in between two calls for a broken water mains during a cold snap. We have been very happy with his work, and with the prices he has charged as well – very fair.

    Two of our calls were for a clogged whole house drain. He installed a bypass to make accessing the drain easier, and also give us pointers of how to keep it from getting clogged (one ply toilet paper is key!). We have not had that problem again. We highly recommend Paul for any work you might need done… he does great work, and is just plain a nice guy too. Thank you Paul!

  2. There is a great story I love to tell. It all started not that long ago on a typical morning here in Farmington where I live with my wife, daughter, son-in-law and 5 grandchildren. As I got into the shower that morning, I noticed the water wasn’t going down as fast as it should and I became mildly concerned. Throughout that day the things only got worse showing similar situations showing up all over my house and the apartment next door. By the time night arrived we were fully engaged in a major sewer problem. However to compound things…we were out of money. the only thing I could do was pray…and pray I did asking the Lord for the answer as to how to proceed. I received great peace and went to bed. We were awakened sometime after midnight by my son-in-law who handed me $400 in cash so I called a few plumbers and left a message with my phone number and went back to bed. In the morning I received calls back from two who said it would be quite a while before they could come. It’s was then that I came across All Things Sewers and Drains and talked to Paul. As we talked I sensed deep in my spirit that this is the one.
    Paul showed up just a couple of hours later and scoped out the situation and then proceeded to give me the price which was far more than I was able to pay. He went ahead and did the job for the little cash I had and an agreement to pay $200 more the following week. They did a fantastic job. Very fast and very clean! When we were settling up in my driveway I handed Paul the cash and told him I would sent the rest next week and he said “forget about it” and quoted a verse from the Bible about blessing those in need. This was truly nothing short of a miracle…God’s great favor and grace. This guy is the real deal folks. I believe with all my heart he was sent by God. Thank you Jesus and thank you Paul!

  3. Jose Rivera/ Rachel Calix says:

    Paul, We like to give u our appreciation for an excellent job done on our home. My husband get in contact with you and in no time you came to our home and resolve our drain / sewer problem on a professional way and excellent timing. Thank u very much for your help and understanding. If we have any other problem in the future you are our guy God bless you and your business

  4. Trudy Gillette says:

    Saturday morning, while showering and getting ready to begin our day, we disovered that our basement was being flooded by water pouring out of the basement shower and toilet.

    I searched online and discovered All Things Sewer and Drain Care. I called the number listed and left my name and telephone number. Not 10 minutes later, my phone call was returned by Paul, who fully explained about the procedures he uses, the anticipated length of the job, and the effectiveness of the procedure.

    Paul arrived at our house within 45 minutes and went to work on our problem.

    Throughout the process, Paul kept us informed as to his progress. When he was finished, he explained how he had not only dislodged a huge clog in the pipe leading to the outside sewer line, but cleaned rust and crud that lined our pipes. Paul showed us a video of the cleaned pipes that were the result of his efforts.

    Finally, Paul explained to us how the clog formed and how we can avoid this issue in the future. We are so pleased with the professionalism, speed of response, and great service that Paul exhibited. We feel confident that this was money well spent and that we will not be faced with this type of clean-up project again!!

  5. Jerome Yamada says:

    Excellent work from outstanding people from All Things Sewer & Drain Care as they are the real deal – no question. I had a clogged sewer line for a house that was difficult to access all together and Paul, with assistant Dan, approached the issue head-on. They confirmed a massive root infestation within the line as well as some areas of concern – all of which were discovered using top shelf equipment and gear. Great confidence and experience were exhibited along with a methodical approach which yielded results. There were even provisions for permanent, engineered solutions provided by Paul and his partner Dave which gave me options/alternatives to consider for preventing future problems moving forward. Thank you all for your service and I will be recommending you to anyone in my circle who could use your services.

  6. Recently, our church (LIFEhouse Church) in Groton, CT was in need of sewer piping flushing services. Paul made us aware of the new “Hard Times, and Unforeseen Circumstances” campaign his company has started, and after discussing our situation, we received a very high quality, professional service for our church, completely free of charge! Often you hear businesses make these kind of “to good to be true” claims and they turn out just that way; but not this time! Paul and his assistant did an outstanding job for us without charging us a penny! We are so thankful to Paul for taking care of our sewer piping system!

  7. Alan Sheiner says:

    A few weeks ago I had water in my basement for the first time since the house was built in 1997 after those severe and torrential rain storms. I could not understand what had suddenly changed and just assumed it had something to do with the gutters. Someone checked the gutters and suggested the underground drain pipes might be clogged. I found All Things Sewer and Drain on the internet and though Paul sounded knowledgeable. Additionally, all the customer reviews were reassuring.

    Paul was easily reached and arranged to come by a couple of days later and confirmed that the downspot drains were indeed clogged and sluggish. He power cleaned every drain around the house in a few hours and followed them to their empty into a storm drain under the driveway and then checked and demonstrated to me they were all running freely. As luck would have it we had a few more torrential downpours a few days later and my basement remained bone dry.

    I have to say all the good things folks said about All Things Sewer and Drain were absolutely true. Paul and his assistant arrived on time, were courteous and professional. He deciphered the problem, told me what he proposed as a solution and gave me a firm – and fair – fee. Going forward, I would never even think about calling anyone else. I can give All Things Sewer and Drain an unqualified and absolute recommendation. Well done!

  8. Diane Holtzworth says:

    I had a very complicated problem with my sewer line freezing every time the temperature dropped below 32 degrees for a few days. I live in a Victorian on a cliff with almost 400 feet of sewer line running down the cliff, through woods, and finally to the city sewer, much of it on the surface and exposed to the cold. I had received an outrageously high quote from another plumber to scope the line with a camera and jet away any ice and roots in the underground portion of the line. Paul did this for a fraction of that cost, and found a way to prevent future problems as well. He responded quickly and came just a few hours after I called. He and his assistant, Matt, were very polite, knowledgeable, careful, and clean. Paul’s equipment is state of the art, and he showed me exactly what and where the problem was. He also was clear and upfront about what each stage of work would cost before proceeding. He and Matt worked hard for several hours over the course of two days. I am thrilled to have found a highly skilled, trustworthy person whose rates are very fair and reasonable. Paul was truly an answer to many prayers (mine and friends at church). I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing plumbing or sewer work, and I won’t hesitate to call him again in the future.

  9. Tommy H. Thomason says:

    Paul solved a problem with a poorly draining shower stall that had persisted in my mother’s home for decades. Drano, boiling water, snakes, and various plumbers were all ineffective over the years. Paul’s high-tech water-jetting system dissolved the clog completely and in short order. He also used his state-of-the-art video camera system to demonstrate that the plumbing in the slab was in good condition. I was extremely pleased with the results and impressed by Paul’s very professional and meticulous approach to taking care of the issue.

  10. Bryan J says:

    I run several businesses and cannot say enough about Paul’s professionalism, dedication and skill at the services he provides. His service is well worth every penny.

    We had ongoing problems with our gutter drains and dry wells on our house. Several were plugged solid causing the water to overflow at the house and drain down the foundation, which could have led to major problems down the road.

    We called several other contractors who were difficult to talk with, unprofessional, expensive and clearly did not have the level of technical expertise that Paul does. After discussing the issues over the phone at 3:30pm, he was on location, set up and running an hour later. After jetting and easily clearing each of the drains (we have 9 just on the front side of our house), he did a thorough camera inspection of each. As a result we also identified and located the precise point of other problems that needed to be addressed with the system such as a crushed pipe.

    Paul stayed until the job was thoroughly complete around 11pm. At one point while standing the pouring rain with a smile on his face, he said “it does not bother me, I’ll be here until 3 or 6am if necessary” and continued on with his work.

    Like I said last night while wrapping up the job and listening to the sound of my drains finally draining… Paul is like a drain surgeon! And like a surgeon, you hope you never need him, but when you do he is a life saver. The specialist to call hands down.

    Thanks again Paul – you will be hearing from me again.

    • Paul says:

      Thank you again Brian for your business and your comments. The fact is I love what I do and along with that I settle for nothing less then the highest level of professionalism to our customers. The services we offer will leave you scratching your head saying to yourself (wish I knew about this guy before the headache started). I’m making a very direct impression on this trade on how it’s done correctly and I will settle for nothing less then that. We are ready when you need us 24/7.

  11. Ned Sawyer says:

    Thank you Paul,
    Having the sewer backup in our basement during this holiday weekend could have been a nightmare. Fortunately we called All Things Sewer and Drain Care. We called two other companies and one did not return our call and other was across the state and said they would not be available until tuesday. Paul was very responsive and explained that he was on another job but said he would make it to our house later that saturday evening. He keep us posted of his status by calling a few times and arrived around 11:00 pm as promised. He was able to clear the clog and came back the next morning to video inspect and jet our sewer line. Paul was professional and shows pride in his work. He uses the latest equipment and informed me of each step in the process, he discussed different options. He was knowledgeable and took the time to show me how to clear a small clog in the future and also signs of when to call him. He left our basement cleaner then when he arrived. Thanks to Paul we can now enjoy this holiday weekend without worrying about our sewer backing up.

    • Paul says:

      Thank you Ned for taking the Time to add your experience to our comments page. It is never an inconvenience to go out on a late night call. We will be here if you should need us in the future.

  12. Arthur says:

    Thank you Paul,
    I had a sewer backed up in old two family house.
    Paul and his crew came over really fast. They cleaned my sewer issue,inspected the line with his high tech camera equipment and helped me to contact a cleaning company to clean the whole had sewage in it everywhere.
    I could not believe the end result!

    Thank you Paul for your help you guys really saved the day!

    • Paul says:

      Arthur thank you for the opportunity to correct your issue. As long as your tennets do not abuse your sewer line you should not have the issues that you were having. Should you need us in the future we are always available to solve your plumbing needs.

  13. Jennifer Lynch says:

    Thanks Paul for coming out to our Groton Property yesterday and clearing the drain, our poor tenants just moved in and the water started backing up when they took a shower into the toliet!:( Paul came out right away and spent all day there removing another persons snake that was broken and left in the sewer pipe that caused the clog! If I knew who left it there I would tell you never to use that company but it was prior to us owning the house. Paul did an excellent job fixing someone elses mistake. He will be on our list to call for our sewer issues all the time and we have plans to buy several more mutli familys. We learned our lesson we will have him come inpsect the lines with his camera before purchasing a property a property next time. Thanks again!

    • Paul says:

      Thank you Jennifer for your business. I am very glad that we were able to find that broken sewer blade in your line with our camera. That is why i advise against the old fashioned cable rooter. If we did not use our camera you would definitely would have had constant back up issues. We are ready and available for when you need us again.

  14. Peter C says:

    For 15 years, we have had water in our basement whenever there was torrential rain – more than 2 inches in a couple of hours. No one could figure out what the problem was, so we just tolerated it. A year ago, we saw a hurricane coming, and decided to act. I called Paul and he showed up the next day, so my first impression was that he had distinguished himself from most service providers just by showing up! Then he told me what he thought we needed to do, I was already amazed, and he hadn’t even started the work yet. The hurricane missed us, and I’ve been waiting until we got one of those downpours before I wrote a testimonial. We got it last week – 2.5 inches in a few hours, and not a hint of dampness in the basement. I will say that the work was not cheap. That said, the service quality, and the solution to a 15-year-old problem – priceless.

    • Paul says:

      Peter thank you for your comment. It was our privilege to fix your water flooding issue and we thank you for the opportunity to be the full service sewer and drain company you called upon to eliminate the flood in your basement. We do also recommend that you have us perform maintenance once a year or so to flush out any sand build up that may take place.
      Once again thank you for your business.

      • Peter C says:

        Follow-up to my earlier comments.
        We have now fully tested the drainage corrections Paul did for us a year ago. In the last 10 days, we have gotten almost 8 inches of rain. Basement is still dry, while others in town report flooded basements, so the drainage issue that used to cause the basement flooding is fixed. Meanwhile, the sump pump we installed at the same time has been working to pull the water out from under the slab, so we don’t even have moisture in the basement.

        • Paul says:

          We are very happy to hear that Peter. I am Confident that we correctly fixed your issue. As long as the Perforated pipe is allowing water to get in the water will be channeled out and away from your foundation. Thank you for your awesome feedback.

  15. Andrew A says:

    Paul – Many thanks for coming out at one hours notice on a Saturday night.

    I had found out that one of my main sewage lines was blocked and thus needed to be snaked / drained by a professional.

    Paul came out at one hours notice arriving at my house at 9pm, and all was completed by 10.30pm.

    The camera quickly identified the problem and with a bit of snaking – the blockage was clear!

    An A1 service – many thanks!

    Best wishes, Andy

  16. Beth St. James says:

    Paul was amazing. My very VERY old house posed quite a challenge in what I thought was a simple clog. He assured me everything would be ok when he left. Well, unfortunately it wasn’t, and I had to call him that night at 10 pm. He was most apologetic and promised to fix it the next morning, first thing. Guess what? He did! Talk about above and beyond the call of duty.
    He worked hard, was most gracious and most of all, got the job done.
    His number is loaded in my phone, and I will share with anyone who asks.
    Thank you Paul!

  17. Gregory Andrew says:

    We had a problem flushing.I called Paul and he arrived as promised,put state of the art camera down our drain,let me inspect also,found drains to be in surprising good shape.The problem was the septic needed cleaning.Paul even adjusted his price because he didn’t have to do any ” reaming”
    Paul cleaned up and was very polite to my wife and I.
    If you have a plumbing concern,use his services…

    • Paul says:

      Its not always the worst case scenario when it comes to a clogged sewer line. Thank you for your business and the opportunity to show you what we are capable of.

  18. Elsie Haynes-Pearson says:

    My house is 125 yrs old. I have owned it 12 yrs, and has granite stones for the walls, and a sewer vent under my porch. I just had my porch rebuilt and had a plastic sheeting put on the ground. On Friday every time my washer dumped, the water came out the vent, hit the plastic and came in my walls.

    I called my Jack of all Trades, to see if he could fix the problem. He rented a power snake, and “cleaned” the drains. Water went down with no problem, I thought. Something told me to check the basement, and when the washer dumped, in came the water. Called my “JoaT”, who re-rented the snake with a larger cutter. No good. About 5:30 he called a friend of his, who also tried, then his friend told him to call All Things Drain.

    Paul was in Bridgeport, when he was called at about 7:30. Said he’d be back in about 1 1/2 hours. He got here about 9:30. He used the water to clean, then put in the camera. He called me down to look at the pipe. It had so many roots, that were balled up. The pipe in my yard is about 11 feet long, before it hits the city property and it seemed like every few feet there was clumps of roots. He said he would come back the next day and replace the pipes. These are the original clay pipes that were in the ground.

    Everything was left nice and clean. Hopefully we will not need them again, but if we do, I will certainly call them. I will recommend them to anyone who says they need “HELP”.

    • Paul says:

      Thank you for you very detailed and appreciative comment. We take pride in all that we do. It is very important to me that my company is recognized not only for the quality of our work but for our honesty in communication and intention to go above and beyond what our customers expect from us. We are here if you should ever need us again.

  19. Vinny says:

    I had a severe backup with a tub and sink drain in one of my rental units. It was a Sunday afternoon and knew it would be difficult to get in touch with someone to do the job. After going through several listings on the internet, Paul was the only one to answer back my call and respond to the situation. I had always had issues with this set of drains being very slow and always managed to get by with a little drain cleaner or plunger action, but now I knew I needed to address the root of the problem instead of calming the symptoms. Paul got there in timely fashion to take care of everything. When all work was complete, he had recovered toothpaste caps, eye liner pens, disposable razor covers, and much more junk! It was quite possible that this stuff was stuck in this drain since before I purchased the building 5 years ago! All I can say is it was worth every penny, as it will definitely save me the headaches of using drain cleaners and plunging down the road. A++ job Paul!

  20. Angela Cruz says:

    Paul was very knowledgable and was able to answer all the questions that I had. He took the time needed to solve the problem. He was very punctual and professional, I will definately call him again whenever the need arises.

    • Paul says:

      Thank you Angela. We always not only take the time but look forward to any questions that our customers might have. You deserve to know what your problem is and what you are paying for.
      should you ever need us again we are just a phone call away.

  21. Charles says:

    Where other people told me no, Paul came in and delivered and was fair and friendly.

    • Paul says:

      We are always looking to take on a challenging jobs. And that is just one reason that we are a cut above the rest. We thank you for you business Charles and we are here if you should ever need us again.

  22. Tom says:

    Great job! Came same day. Called when en route. Stayed late to get the job done.

    I’ll call again the next time I need a plumber. Thanks Paul.

  23. Jeff says:

    I had plumbing issues at my property. The problems were with a toilet, kitchen sink and a leaky pipe. I called All Things Drain on two occasions the first time for the toilet and leaky pipe and the second time for the kitchen sink and a different issue with the toilet. Both times Paul was able to show up at the property and complete service in the same day that I called and in a timely manner. The second service call was on a Sunday and he completed the job with no extra charges for coming to to do the job on a Sunday. Both times he called to let me he was enroute to the location and was there at the time he stated he would be there so I didn’t have to wait. Upon completion Paul thoroughly explained what work was completed and went through what was done and each item on the billing statement. Have used twice and definitely recommend and will call again if needed.

    • Paul says:

      Jeff thank you for you confidence in our company. We will always be ready to respond to your problems no matter what time it may be.
      Its always a pleasure to work with a customer as pleasant as you.

  24. Barbara Novak says:

    We recently had a problem with a clogged toilet and were very pleased with the speedy and efficient job done by Paul Bissonnette. He was very professional and used modern technology to help solve the problem expediently. He was careful not to create any unnecessary mess and left the bathroom neat and clean.

    • Paul says:

      barbara thank you so much for your confidence in our ability to locate the broken plastic dish that was flushed down your toilet.

      we had to make sure that we located all the broken pieces so that you would not have any other backups and flooding issues.
      we take every measure to ensure that the job is not going to happen again.
      if you ever need us we will be there! and yes even on a sunday with no over hours charge.

  25. Rick says:

    Immediate response to our need would be an understatement as we received a call back while still on the phone with another company.

    Paul was at our property until the early morning hours ankle deep in water, digging out a terribly blocked drain in our parking lot. After many hours on the clock that day he took on the task with a positive “this can be done” attitude. With men like this at the helm of a company I can highly recommend “All Things Sewer and Drain Care” for any job you have that they say they can help you with. Kind, courteous and professional, the type of people we all look to do business with.

    • Paul says:

      Rick thank you for your interest in our company.

      Someone once told me that if you find a job that you love you will never work a day in your life.

      My job no matter how late or how difficult or how far we need to drive is always performed with a drive to be done with excellence and with customer satisfaction!

  26. Craig Brown says:

    Paul has been a blessing with the work he did on our 1927 Dutch colonial. He has done the kitchen sink drain and returned it to a functional reliable system. Thank God for Paul!

    It was very important for us to have someone we could really rely on and trust and that will give us a peace of mind. Our tenant that lives in our house and we can rest easy even though we live in Henderson, NV. He has given us quit a deal and has saved us time and tons of money.

    If you have drain work that needs to be done, Paul is the man that can do it correctly, timely and can save you money in the process.

    • Paul says:

      Craig, Thank You for calling All Things Sewer & Drain Care.

      Our customers trust is important to us, and in cases such as your’s where you are using our services from across the country it is even more important to each of us. We will always strive to deliver honest dependable service wherever our customers are.

      Thank You for your comment as well and if you ever need our drain cleaning services again we will be happy to help.

  27. P.R.B. says:

    As a grateful and more than satisfied customer of Paul’s services, I wanted his commendable work to be known to others.

    It started out with my city sewer pipe backed up into my basement one night. I never had a backed up sewer line before, and feared the worst, as I have two very old trees in front of my yard. I thought that perhaps the roots had broken or grown into the sewer line. When Paul arrived, he first water jetted my sewer pipe, then used his special video camera system to inspect the whole length of my sewer line. The results were, no roots had broken into the sewer line. His video camera showed a completely cleaned sewer line. I was impressed with his techniques. This was the first of many tasks I had for Paul.

    At this time, I own two old houses, with more plumbing issues. I made a list for Paul to review and quote and I agreed for Paul to do the work.

    I must say, I was impressed with Paul’s efficiency and professional manner, not to mention the reasonable cost for the work done. Thanks Paul, for a job well done!

    P.R.B. in Plainville ct.

    • Paul says:

      We thank you for the privilege to do the needed repairs on both your properties.

      We pride ourselves with customer responses as detailed as yours, it means you got a lot out of what we were able to offer you. We will be there if you should ever need us in the future. Thank you for all the delicious food you prepared for us!

  28. Paul and his associates are top notch pros dealing with sewer problems. We had major sewer backup, and with the use of the camera to pinpoint the blockage, they cleared it immediately. I would not hesitate to call Paul again if the need arises.

    • Paul says:

      Thank you for your comments on our website. We will be available anytime that you need us to solve your most involved issue. We’ll be seeing you soon to pick up our new family car.

  29. Ed Janus says:

    We recently had a significant septic line problem that had the potential to be a lengthy and expensive repair. Fortunately we contacted All Things Sewer and Drain to look at our problem. They were at the house that evening and identified the problem , came back the next morning with the equipment needed made the repair and left our yard looking like they were never there. I have been involved in the construction industry for over thirty five years and have to say this was one of the best experiences I have ever had working with a contractor. They were professional did a great job and in the end were very fair. I could not have been more pleased.

    • Paul says:

      Thank you for your positive comments on our website,and the opportunity to be your contractor. Should you or anybody you know need our services in the future we will be there to solve your problem.

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