Author: Paul

Foundation Drain Cleaning Camera Inspection Stafford CT

A customer from Stafford, CT. called with Basement Flooding Problems during heavy rains. All Things Sewer & Drain Care quickly responded and using our High Pressure Water Jetter and our Video Sewer Inspection Camera We performed foundation drain cleaning, footing drain cleaning, and gutter drain cleaning. Once the drain lines had all been cleaned and the dirt and debris flushed out of the foundation drains we used our sewer camera and pipe locating equipment to check then locate the lines.

Yard Drain Cleaning Camera Inspection CT

A customer from Ridgefield, CT. called with yard flooding and their basement sump pump running frequently. All Things Sewer & Drain Care quickly responded and found that the footing drains and a curtain drain had become clogged with dirt that had built up in the line over time. We used our high pressure jetter which uses special nozzles similar to a pressure washer to clean the dirt and debris out of the customers clogged footing drain line and clogged curtain drain line. We then used our video sewer camera inspection equipment to perform a camera inspection on the drain lines and found then to be clean and draining properly again.

With the yard drain cleaning done with the footing drain cleaning and curtain drain cleaning done, the customers sump pump stopped the frequent cycling and the puddle of standing water in their back yard went down. Watch our video of the job below.

Sewer Backup and Camera Inspection Groton CT

A customer from Groton, CT. called, the customer had sewage flooding their basement and decided to call us at All Things Sewer & Drain Care. We quickly responded and cleared their sewer backup using our high pressure jetter which uses special nozzles similar to a pressure washer to clean roots and debris our of the customers clogged sewer line. We cleaned their sewer from the house to the street then we used our video sewer inspection equipment to perform a camera inspection on the sewer line.

The camera inspection revealed the line was in good condition, and that sludge & grease had just built up over time causing the line to clog. There were no problems with the pipes or, roots coming into the line so they shouldn’t have problems for years to come. Watch our video of the job below.

Clogged Storm Drains Newtown CT

On a call, at a customers home in Newtown, CT the customer had been experiencing basement flooding during heavy rains, luckily for them they called All Things Sewer & Drain Care. All too often companies offer costly new solutions while ignoring the functionality of existing storm water drains such as curtain drains, footing drains, gutter drains that may already be installed around your home or, business. Quite simply in many cases inexpensive maintenance or, repair of an existing drainage system can often alleviate basement flooding conditions without resorting to expensive new drainage systems.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Providence RI

When your Providence RI home or, business needs a Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service, All Things Sewer And Drain Care can provide you with fast 24-Hour Emergency Drain Cleaning Service. Our highly experienced technician can not only clean your sewer and drains restoring full use of your drainage system, but we can also perform an inspection of your underground drains with our video sewer inspection camera to find out why your sewer clogged and what steps you can take to prevent clogs in the future. If your sewer has a problem we can see the problem and pinpoint the exact location of the problem without you having to dig up your whole yard to repair the problem.