All Things Sewer And Drain Care

All Things Sewer And Drain Care

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24 Hour Emergency Drain Cleaning Service, 7 Days a Week
Serving New London, Middlesex, Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield, Litchfield, Tolland, & Windham Counties of Connecticut,
and all of Western Rhode Island including Washington, Kent, & Providence Counties.

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When it comes to spending your hard earned money on your home or business you deserve to know exactly what needs to be done to fix your issue the first time. We have a philosophy that we go by and that is:

“Do The Job Right or, Don’t Do It At All”

There are too many people that are getting taken advantage of because they don’t have the knowledge of the problem that they are dealing with.

“We Pride Ourselves On Customer Service Satisfaction!”

We will take the time to explain what your issue is using the latest digital fiber optic video camera inspection equipment, so you can see for yourself on a video screen exactly what caused the problem and what you need to do to keep it from ever happening again, which in the long run saves you money!

All Things Sewer and Drain Care Service Area

Our Services Include:

24 Hour Emergency Service 7 Days A Week

High Pressure Water Jetting

Water jetting is the best possible way to clean a drain line. All drains in time get will get backed up. When a drain is used it leaves a residue of whatever is going down the line. That residue builds up and begins to cause less of a flow because the pipe begins to reduce in size, most typically in commercial applications before or after a grease trap. The water jet sprays water at such great force through a rotating nozzle that it can literally drill through the stoppage and then completely flush out the drain from the outside in. We can water jet drains ranging from 1 in to 4 feet in diameter.

Fiber Optic Video Camera Inspection And Location

Once we clean your line we can use our camera to find out what caused your issue and then locate the problem we see on the video screen with an exact location so there is no guessing where your line is

Line Cabling

We can service even the smallest of drains from bathtubs bathroom sinks kitchen sinks laundry lines and floor drains
24 Hour Emergency Service Sewer & Drain Cleaning Connecticut, Rhode Island

Drain Cleaning Services

We Can Clean Any Drain:

  • Drain Lines, Sewer Lines or, Septic Lines
  • Septic Systems
  • Curtain Drains
  • Storm Drains
  • Footing Drains
  • Pond Drains

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All Things Sewer And Drain Care

(860) 857-1277
(203) 450-9444
(401) 647-6141

24 Hour Emergency Service, 7 Days a Week
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